Korfos is famous for its clear blue waters, its large beach that is divided into five smaller ones, its friendly people and as a fishing village for the wide variety of fresh fish that you can find well cooked in restaurants in the area. Everyday life in Korfos follows the rhythm of the cicadas who sing emphatically throughout. Waking up in the morning, you can have a hearty breakfast and head to the beach where you will enjoy your relaxing coffee and cool off with a dip in the sea under the rays of the healing sun of Soligeia. As noon arrives, Korfos is suitable for fresh fish in one of its many picturesque and traditional taverns. After lunch siesta, a waffle, a crepe or an ice cream is required in the youthful and cool cafes of the village, while in the evening the traditional pizzerias and restaurants of the village for the adults and the youth bar-cafe with separate cocktails for the younger ones will offer a final touch of relaxation and completion to the visitor of the island ..

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